AIP Beef + Mushrooms in Coconut Cream Sauce

Fast, Easy, and Mouth Watering AIP Mushrooms + Beef in Coconut Cream Sauce


Eating for gut health and fuel can be difficult to sustain if you don’t get excited about your meals. As a result, people often do not stick with their healthy eating plan.

The key is to keep it exciting, healthy, and easy. If you have a crazy schedule, there are some really simple things you can do to make sure you have a variety of things on hand to make it easy to throw together mouth-watering meals in minutes.

This is that kind of meal–and it tastes AMAZING.

This is grass-fed hamburger sautéed with chopped garlic, onion + mushrooms. When cooked through, I just make a spot in the middle add 1T healthy fat (grass-fed ghee or avocado oil) + 3T cassava flour, and mix to make a rue. I let it go for a minute and then pour in a can of full-fat coconut cream + a cup of bone broth, mix it together, and incorporate the beef mixture. I season it with sea salt + cracked pepper. It can be served over soaked brown rice, cassava pasta, quinoa–whatever you like. If you feel fancy, chop some parsley to put on top. Simple and takes about 15 minutes to make.

If you make enough, you’ll be able to have several times throughout the week, saving you even more time! Serve it with a pile of your favorite veggies or a big salad (or both!). Keep the veggies you like on hand so you can throw a side salad together quickly and mix it up every day. If you don’t have time to make salad dressing, Primal Kitchen has several that are clean, low glycemic, and delicious–you can find them at Natural Grocers or Thrive Market (link at the bottom of this post). Or, squeeze some fresh lemon and drizzle some avocado oil over the top of your veggies and top it off with chopped nuts, sea salt, and cracked pepper.

If you keep your meals simple, but also exciting to your tastes, you’ll find eating for health and aging strong is much easier to sustain than you might think!


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