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Am I there yet?

What if everything you thought you knew about getting older turned out to be misleading?  What if you could gain the knowledge and tools you need to take ownership of your health?

Ask yourself why your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and the hope of your one beautiful life should be determined by a culture that has normalized decline from the age of 40 on?

My coaching is focused on YOU. I have created strength and functional wellbeing coaching programs that will help you challenge the status quo and reverse early decline in your body, mind, and spirit. Are you ready for more?

Life Changing Results

Smashing Midlife is one of the best things I have been part of.  Coach Norma leads us with so much passion, compassion, empathy and understanding through weeks of in-depth information so important to our well being.

Norma teaches game-changing information through nutrition, excersise and mindset--health and wellbeing is her wish for all of us. The information in this program is beyond helpful and has changed my mindset and opened my eyes--wide--on many issues, mainly mindset. I have learned so much about myself and wish I would have known about Norma sooner!

Michelle I.

In her course, Smashing Midlife, Norma delved into topics that we all need to hear and apply --and  she goes in-depth.  The 12-week course goes by so quickly as does the 1.5 hours each week.  She wants everyone to be the best they can be at any age.  She takes the time to explain Gut Health, Sleep, Meditation, Nutrition and gives us exercises to apply each week.

I realized how important journaling is--I started a few years ago and have continued and now see the benefit of writing down thoughts and being grateful.

I highly recommend this course and Norma.

LuAnn M.

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