Midlife. Am I there yet?

Smashing Midlife: How to Get Free from Midlife Mythology


Am I there yet?

What if everything you thought you knew about getting older turned out to be false? What if you could gain the knowledge and tools you need to take ownership of your future? Ask yourself: why should your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and the hope of your one beautiful life be determined by a culture that has normalized decline from the age of 40 on?

The first step is awareness. Ask yourself questions about what you believe and why. What is true? What is false? Why are these false ideas so deeply ingrained into our consciousness?

The term midlife is roughly defined as middle age (somewhere between 40-60). The phrase “midlife crisis” originated in a 1965 paper written by a psychoanalyst who described it as a time in which people are forced to come to terms with their limitations, restricted possibilities, and imminent mortality.

Something great to look forward to, right? The natural assumption follows that if life is “half over” at some “midpoint” in time–it’s all downhill after that.

Although the phrase has clearly stuck, it’s UNTRUE. It’s what I call, “Midlife Mythology.”

Here’s what IS true: no one knows how long they will live inside their physical body on this earth. It could be 60 more years, or 60 more minutes. And that has always been true.

Since no one knows, we have culturally tried to make sense of the unknown by putting words around it (like “midlife”), and layering in assumptions, averages, and generalizations that inform our perceptions and subsequent reality.

It’s time to shift our thinking about what it means to get older and recognize we are not helpless bystanders in our lives. We are not doomed to increasing levels of decline after 40, 50, 60, or 70+.

If you’re ready to create the best possible future for yourself and ditch the limiting beliefs that have been laid on you since you were a child, you need to reserve your spot in my next Smashing Midlife course. Spots fill quickly, set up your discovery call today. I can’t wait to meet you!

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